In continuation of its specific project to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth and thylacine, Colossal Biosciences announced its intention to revive the population of the dodo, a bird first discovered by Dutch navigators in the late 16th century on the island of Mauritius. Unfortunately, not even 100 years have passed since it unfortunately disappeared as a result of predatory extermination.

UAH 150 million were sold to Colossal at Resurrection. dollars. With this in mind, the total funding for its projects over the past two years has already amounted to 225 million US dollars. dollars.

In addition to the restoration of the population of extinct animals, it includes a complex for the development of technologies for the conservation of species included in the food subgroup. The company said that at the moment there are more than 40 studies related to sequencing (determination by the DNA sequence of the body’s genome – approx. Techcult editor) of the genomes of African and Asian elephants, and their pluripotent stem cells have already been discovered.

The meeting, a group of 30 episodes dealing with the “resurrection” of the thylacine, produced pluripotent stem cells from dunnart, its closest relative of the narrow-legged marsupial genus. Scientists have developed a technique for glucose cells and created an artificial uterus to bear the expectation of a baby.


Source: Tech Cult

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