VK in association with Sacred Corp has updated one of the most popular clubs in Moscow – Gipsy. The new name of the club is VK Gipsy. In addition to the name, the interior was updated and logistics were improved, RB.RU was informed in the press service of the Internet holding.

VK updated the Moscow Gipsy club

In 2023, more than 100 concerts and club shows of popular artists are planned to be held at the venue with a capacity of 2.5 thousand people.

VK Gipsy has improved logistics for guests and artists, updated photo zones and chillouts. The club has karaoke booths where anyone can sing their favorite song.

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The VK Gipsy VIP zone was painted by artistic artist Antonio Lebedef, creator of glitch surrealism art direction and author of the Animal Instinct project, a landmark that can be seen from space (the roof of the Fazotron NIIR factory in Moscow) . It was necessary to convey the environment of closeness from abroad, maintaining the long-term concept of the club.

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In May, the club will open the largest summer terrace in Moscow, equipped with a special sliding dome. The original concept of the “club on the island” overlooking the Moscow River remains unchanged. The tropical bars are open year-round and sun loungers will be set up for guests to relax in the summer.

Last December, VK opened the VK STADIUM space in a historic building on Leningradsky Prospekt. The venue has a capacity for 7,000 people and will host concert shows, musical events and events of various formats.


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