Horror movies are known not only for giving people goosebumps, but also for reducing pain. Paul Allen, a pain specialist and chiropractor, noted that his patients who enjoy shows like American Horror Story generally respond better to pain management.

Scientific research also confirms this. Therefore, according to various studies, horror movies can have the same effect on the body as exercise. The reason for this is the stress that a person can control while watching a movie. As a result, his attention shifts to something other than pain.

Horror movies allow you to experience stress and activate the fight-or-flight response in a controlled environment. If it becomes completely unbearably scary, there is always the opportunity to turn off the TV.

Also, while watching movies, the body produces hormones of happiness – endorphins, dopamine. As a result, the person will not feel much pain.

Also, watching movies is a way to escape from problems and reality. And the results of one study showed that people who like horror movies show higher stress tolerance during a pandemic.

Finally, the relief of pain from watching horror movies has to do with sensory impulses. Such films sharpen one’s senses, which in turn distract the brain from pain. And they use infrasound, which we don’t hear in horror movies but still cause some reactions in the brain.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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