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1. LiHang LED night light


The original RGB night light for spot or area illumination in an original design.

Controlled by Bluetooth or wired remote, supports music color mode.

Price: 3182 1908 rub.

2. Tantio magnetic holder


Handy plate for attaching MagSafe compatible (and similar) devices to walls, brackets and other surfaces.

The plate itself is built on a set of double-sided adhesive tape, the strength of which is sufficient to use the top iPhone.

Price: 550 391 rub.

3. TCL air purifier


An advanced air purifier that handles even the consumption of fine particles as well as pathogens.

Virtually silent, so it can be a great alternative to Xiaomi’s choice. And the hood can be replaced.

Price: 19668 6884 rub.

4. Kitchen Multitool Hot Deals


An all-in-one cooking kit with a measuring bottle, a bunch of peelers and graters, all in one space-saving package.

Price: 1149 804 rub.

5. Osudm automatic snake for cats


A simulated snake that the manager says is a real pet for a special time.

It moves randomly, rustles and “shines” with an LED eye. For a couple of times the homemaker is definitely enough.

Price: 1892 945 rub.

6. Baseus Hub for iPad


An original accessory for expanding the number of ports on laptops and professional tablets, often equipped only with USB-C.

Attaches directly to the case with a built-in magnet and converts one type C to a set of 6 outlets incl.

Price: 5282 3697 rub.

7. OnePlus Wireless Headphones


A new model of in-ear headphones from all the favorite manufacturers of “flagship killers”.

Of course, active noise reduction, support for advanced lossless codecs and very decent sound.

Price: 10817 6057 rub.

8. Aubess smart bulbs


Tiny KPI light bulbs controlled through a proprietary application. They integrate into the Tuya ecosystem and work with most popular voice assistants.

Price: 769 384 rub.

9. Bad Guy Tactical Backpack


Capacious hiking backpack made of waterproof Cordura with thoughtful content and a large molle system. The quality is excellent, you can take.

Price: 3033 2062 rub.

10. Yi Dome Camera


One of the most popular models of Wi-Fi cameras on the Russian market: it supports a 360-degree view and can be rotated to the desired angle.

There are proximity and sound sensors, a speaker and a microphone, due to which in the stock application you can get sensations, work as a call or baby monitor.

Price: 7867 1731 rub.

11. Xiaomi massage gun


Reliable and affordable massage gun for use after intense workouts.

Price: 6751 3307 rub.

12. Skeypaik iPhone Case


Basic clear silicone case with metal frame and magnetic adapter, wear with MagSafe. Reliable and simple. Available for all current iPhones.

Price: 723 607 rub.

13. Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker


A quality alternative to the evaluation of mid-price JBL stereo speakers: comparative power, also not afraid of water and falls.

But noticeably less, but there are more interfaces. It is worth noting the proprietary advanced equalizer, and the ability to combine into a stereo pair.

Price: 4153 3447 rub.

14. Xiaomi charger


Reliable GaN-based charger with an expected power output of 67. Suitable for both smartphones and laptops in the Power Delivery roster.

Price: 2288 1395 rub.

15. External battery Remax


Compact 10000 mAh battery with 22.5 W high power in video audio cassettes.

Equipped with the expected inputs and the same number of its outputs, which could be loaded under the reverse “lace” – microUSB, USB-C or Lightning.

Price: 3145 1572 rub.

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