Recently, merchants in Durgapurin India began to notice a big increase in sales flavored condoms. It would be logical to think that people suddenly went crazy about oral sex with protection. After all, that’s the purpose of these condoms. However, as explained in the Indian media News18They soon learned that they were in fact taking drugs.

And it turns out that when flavored condoms are boiled, certain substances are released that can give those who inhale them a drug high that can last up to 12 hours. However, as with other drugs, such a pleasant effect is not harmless to health.

This is why many chemists and medical professionals in India are rushing to warn about the consequences. Even minimal consumption can endanger organs such as lungs or kidneys. It is even possible that nervous system and, of course, that in the long term, serious diseases such as crayfish. Not worth it for a few hours of high.

What Causes Addiction to Flavored Condoms?

Flavored condoms are regular condoms that some flavors and glucose or glycerin are added aromatize. In reality, neither glucose nor glycerol is dangerous, so the key, according to some Indian experts consulted Vicefound in other ingredients of the condom itself.

For example, to increase strength and extensibility, they contain polyurethane synthetic resin. When it gets hot, flavored condoms, when boiled, release substances such as ethylene glycolwhich produces a sensation of high, similar to that of some drugs, for several hours.

But at this point, we might be wondering why flavored condoms boil while others don’t. After all, polyurethane can be found in other condoms. Answer according to Sanjit Sasidharanconsultant and head of the intensive care unit at S.L. Raheja in Mumbai. aromatic substances which are released when these condoms are heated and soaked for a long time. Come on when they boil.

Some are generated hydrocarbons and alcohols which are also found in products such as glue. The addiction of some people to sniffing this substance is well known, so it is not surprising that with similar effects, it was decided to use flavored condoms as a drug.

Don’t you dare try

At the moment, it does not seem that this fashion has spread far beyond Durgapur. Need to know who came up with the lucky idea boil flavored condoms, to see what happened.

Efforts are underway to raise public awareness so that this curious drug search does not spread. The consequences can be very devastating, and the effects do not compensate for them at all. Therefore, it is best to use flavored condoms only for what they were invented for. After all, it’s fun enough on its own.

Source: Hiper Textual

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