Researchers at the Leibniz-Chi Experimental Biofactory in Germany poured a new substance that is extremely potent. To describe its properties, a comparison was made with the entrepreneurial spirit of the film killer John Wick, known for his determination and ability to put on a game that surpasses a superior opponent. Ego told the actor Keanu Reeves, in connection with which he called it “cyanomycin”.

By its nature, it is a pesticide, since more than 200 types of household products are known about it. Moreover, there is a possibility of adaptation of this fungus to pharmacological preparations, which is very troubling on oil.

The development of kyanomycin was an attempt to curb the detrimental imported human viscosity of miwatiba mot. The latter are widely used in agriculture, because of which the conditions for achieving stability in the team are caused. However, cyanomycin, based on Pseudomonas bacteria, which is freely used for biocontrol and shows an increased susceptibility to negative effects. Almost like Keanu reeves.

Source: Tech Cult

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