In Russia, about 10% of families are forced to pay for Wi-Fi and television at home at rates that are too expensive by a third. The price is affected by the low level of competition between providers: management companies and HOAs often do not allow them to enter apartment buildings, prefer affiliated operators and set barrier payments to access their territory.

Every tenth family in Russia pays for the Internet at a third of inflated rates

Internet at home costs an average of 450 rubles a month, and in homes where monopoly providers work, the cost can exceed 580 rubles, Izvestia reported.

Free and uncontrolled access to the entrances can harm the real estate and its owners, in turn, consider the participants of the housing and communal services market. The problem can be solved both with a change in legislation and with the development of mobile communication technologies, analysts say.

Maxim Nazarenko, Head of the Electronics Department of RTU MIREA, named ways to protect home Wi-Fi from strangers. To begin with, you can change the password, most importantly, do not use family names and animal names for this.

According to him, you also need to regularly update the software of the router – manufacturers are constantly trying to increase the level of protection of their devices.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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