It’s time to buy gifts. And it doesn’t matter which holiday is ahead: February 23 or March 8. I think many people are now thinking hard about what to give. Especially considering the fact that the men’s holiday is just around the corner.

Here Acer comes to the rescue with its new products. As the major manufacturers bought the already hackneyed black and white mice and keyboards, the company set up a bold color setting, and these accessories suit absolutely everyone.

Everything is already on sale in Russia.

1. Wireless mouse OMR 200

All models in the line below at a low price of 990 rubles. They connect to a computer using a USB receiver and operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

What is convenient is the presence of a special compartment for the receiver right in the battery box. Slight exposure risk of putting the receiver somewhere in a bag or pocket, increasing the chance of loss.

These mice are painted concisely on any countertop

They fit perfectly in the hand

In general, this is a fairly standard mouse for everyday tasks. And with them she succeeds: lightning fast, does not make much noise when pressing the keys, and the soft coating is just a pleasure to use.

The working distance between the mouse and the receiver is up to 10 meters, so there should be no problems with connecting. The signal is on. Optical sensor resolution — 1200 dpi. This is even more than what is required for average manufacturers, whose production requires 400 to 800 DPI.


The wireless mouse is available in four colors: cream, white, purple and blue. Personally, I liked the two options – cream and blue.

The first one definitely looks better in terms of soiling, it collects less dirt on itself and overall looks unusual and soothing. Blue is more suitable for a more rigorous workspace, but not the typical black, which is already rather fed up.

The white mouse is already a classic. True, and here the manufacturer was able diversify it with color combination, making the wheel and frame in yellow. Looks interesting.


Finally, violet color. He is highly dependent on the others because he is the strongest of the observers. If you are bored with the board of buildings, then the choice will fall on your model. Especially since the lower part of the effect is in mint green.

Dimensions are available: 113 x 60 x 31.7 mm for a weight of 61 g. This is a lightweight accessory for small or medium hands.

Runs on one AA battery.

2. Acer OCC200 Wireless Kit

This set consists of a keyboard and mouse. I have already told about the mouse in sufficient detail above, and now let’s dwell on the second device.

I am glad, first of all, that the “clave” has a digital block. I never liked devices where there is no way to conveniently dial numbers in this area. Partially on them the accusation is formulated or just dialing the numbers.


Secondly, the keyboard itself is quite compact, although full-sized. Dimensions are usually 435 x 125 x 25 mm with a weight of 474.6 g.

To be honest, I would added a little more weight. Despite the fact that it lies on the table and does not “walk” in all directions thanks to the anti-slip pads.

Directory is the same digital block

The combination perfectly matched the colors, the keyboard goes well with the mouse

As with mice, several colors are available here, this time three: beige, white and blue.

I liked the shades of beige-orange and blue-violet more. They are combined with mice and are suitable for any interiors. A kind of youth option for the office and at home.

the stroke is short and quite soft. Just like in premium laptops. The manufacturer reports that the gadget can withstand up to 5 million clicks.

Runs on two AAA batteries. They cost 3690 rubles.

In general, I liked the gadgets both in their work and tactilely. They are located in their own interior and organically gather in it.

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