Google’s update for smart televisions has started to arrive. Android TV 13 is rolling out about six months after the arrival of the operating system for smartphones, but there are still some limitations.

The launch was announced at the end of last year without downloading. Google quietly announced the software’s arrival on a developer page recently.

Android TV 13 is available for download from last Wednesday (1). Any user with the ADT-3 developer dongle can install it. “Last update: The final version of Android 13 for TV is now available,” Google said.

Most users will have to wait for Android TV 13 to become available on their devices.

Unfortunately, those using the feature via Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, or another Android TV OS device will still have to wait a while. It will likely take several months for the solution to become widely available in the market.

The new Android TV 13 introduces switch to HDMI, input and audio processing, and new accessibility features. It can be used on both Android TV and the company’s new smart interface, Google TV.

Source: Tec Mundo

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