Ricardo Bonilla, economic advisor to Gustavo Petro’s campaign, in an interview with Blu Radio, announced that the new government will introduce a tax reform that will focus on the income tax.

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“It is important that we do this tax reform to bring forward the income tax, which is the place where the biggest problems are experienced. This is the first package and we are trying to consolidate a tax reform that implies that reforms don’t have to be done every two years.” announced the economic adviser to the campaign of the incoming president.


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Bonilla said, “80% of the income tax comes from legal entities and 20% comes from real persons. This is not normal. Fees need to be rebalanced, and this requires both a review of the income tax of legal entities, the reduction of exemptions and benefits, a look at how effective rates can be lowered, and the proper transfer of assets and incomes from individuals to individuals. as corresponding to them; real people start to pay more”.

Source: Exame

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