Since Elon Musk took over at Twitter, the social network has implemented many new features such as longer tweets, editing posts, NFTs in profile pictures, and more. And with new possibilities, intriguing things begin to emerge.

To prove how the platform has entered a new era, a user posted a nearly complete movie in a stream yesterday (08). In this case, the selected feature film, SpongeBob – Movie (2004).

The post, which has already reached over 20.3 million views this Thursday afternoon (09), went viral, and many people found the idea unconventional – although inevitable, because Twitter already allows long videos to be posted. Check out the big main below:

One of the striking aspects of the film, which was made purely for joke and test purposes, was the quality of the images. More precisely, the lack of quality, as the video appears at a maximum resolution of 320p.

One user even complained about it until Corn, the author of the exploit, responded rudely. “Did you imagine it would be 4K UHD? “Dude, this is Twitter, not HBO Max.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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