Getty Images is suing Stable Diffusion, creator of artificial intelligence art maker Stability AI, for copyright infringement in the US. The indictment claims that more than 12 million images in the database were copied without permission and compensation.

According to the lawsuit, the Stable Diffusion software memorizes some of the training images and can reproduce them, which is copyright infringement. Getty Images also argues that recreating the platform’s watermark on model images lowers the quality of brands.

Algorithm training uses drawings, illustrations, and photographs to create model patterns. Content is often removed from the internet without the author’s permission. The defensive strategy can claim a fair use of the material. However, there is no jurisdiction that limits the technological use of images.

Copyright and artificial intelligence

This case is another example of a legal battle that stems from a lack of legislation regarding the use of copyrights by artificial intelligence. Stability AI is facing a similar lawsuit by Getty Images in the UK and another complaint in US court for a class action lawsuit by artists, including the Midjourney initiative.

Another issue is who owns the copyright of a work produced with algorithms. In another lawsuit, Stephen Thaler, CEO and President of Imagination Engines, sued the US Copyright Office after the agency refused to file a copyright claim.

The work created by Thaler’s technology “does not have enough human authorship to support a copyright claim,” according to the agency. The case is pending the decision of the US Supreme Court.

Source: Tec Mundo

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