We can have many doubts when choosing a new computer, right? Especially in order for the device to meet the basic needs of the user, many details need to be considered.

There are several options on the market current operating systems – such as Linux and Windows 11. Each one is formatted by its developers for specific topics.

With that in mind and to understand the difference between them, you can check the advantages and disadvantages between these two systems in the text below. Entertainment!

Linux: see the benefits of using the operating system

It has been on the market for at least 31 years and has been developed as open source, Linux actually consists of a computing kerneli.e. it can be the basis of other operating systems such as Windows and macOS itself.

In general, programmers and servers tend to prefer this system because of all the possibilities it offers in terms of operational codes.

Although it may seem quite complex for these reasons, casual users also have the opportunity to enjoy their daily activities in different ways.


If you’re already used to an operating system, know that things are very similar in Linux.

It is also necessary to use a web browser to access the Internet, and other functions can be unlocked with certain programs, including text editors, video editors, project development platforms and others.

In general, you just need to access one of the distributors website for free and download the latest version to have the Linux system running on your PC.

As a result, there are currently at least 80 updates on the internet. A big advantage of this system is that it can be used on both new and old computers without loss of support.

Windows 11: Check out the main features of the Microsoft system

Unlike Linux, Microsoft developed an operating system that became a trend on most computers, whether desktop or laptop. Windows is in its 11th version with lots of practical benefits for users.

The first is precisely this question of popularity. Most people are already accustomed to navigating this system by understanding its main commands and other common issues. It is also worth noting that Windows has packages with their own programs that run more easily on your system.

For example, for those who like to play on PC, there are many advantages, especially when compared to Linux, because most software is designed to have certain versions and updates over Windows.

With Windows 11, users have greater agility in certain functions, as well as smoother navigation in searches, updates, and native apps. The official launch of this version took place in October 2021 and is already included in most computers manufactured as of that date.


It is worth noting that if users have an older computer, they should update it with the new version of the operating system. However, to get it, you need to purchase a license.

After all, which one to choose between Linux or Windows 11?

Now that you know the main points of each of these operating systems and have also discovered some of their advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to understand which one might be best for your reality.

back to the idea Linux may be more suitable for those who deal with rough computing issues on a daily basis.It is important to emphasize that this operating system becomes more advantageous and useful in programming scenarios, as there are more development mechanisms in this area.

Also, Linux is more “raw” in the sense that its design and interface are simpler, but still run basic programs and in many cases fully work. However, most users will prefer what Windows 11 has to offer, considering it’s a much more popular system.


In this way, various programs and applications are developed keeping in mind their updates and tools, which in the end helps a lot in terms of their fluency and usability.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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