Kunlun Tech, the Chinese parent company of Opera products, Announced plans to somehow integrate ChatGPT into browsers. No details were given as to when or how this will happen.

Opera has a full line of browsers available in desktop versions and Android and iOS devices. In addition to the standard Opera, the company offers the famous Opera GX aimed at gamers with specific functions in the segment. We do not yet know which versions of Opera ChatGPT will be integrated.

It seems that Opera, unlike Microsoft and Google, which were the first to consider ways to integrate artificial intelligence or the like into search engines, wants to get ahead of its competitors by bringing functions directly to the application and market itself at the top of the talk about ChatGPT. According to analysts, Opera is the sixth most used browser in the world, with only 2.4% of the market.

ChatGPT and its alternatives spread

The success of ChatGPT has led not only to its use, but also to other companies looking for similar solutions. The product was developed by OpenAI, which has partnerships with Microsoft and is currently testing its use on the Bing search engine.

By contrast, Google is working on Bard in response to the competitor, and even Alibaba may be developing an alternative. Conversational generational AI seems to be the next big thing for online services, and it’s clearly not going to stop at search engines.

Source: Tec Mundo

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