Wildberries removed more than 50,000 offers for nicotine-free vapes, related liquids and smoking mixes from sale in a week, but sellers are trying to circumvent the verification system. To “fight vaping”, the market decided to launch a bot based on artificial intelligence.

Wildberries Launches AI-Based Bot To ‘Fight Vaporizers’

“In the past week, we’ve already removed more than 50,000 offers of nicotine-free vapes, related e-liquids, and smoking mixes from sale. Despite the introduced ban on sales and sanctions, up to the suspension of cooperation, some unscrupulous sellers are trying to bypass the verification system and place their sales ads, ”a representative of Wildberries told RB.RU.

After that, the market decided to launch a special bot program based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The online retailer believes it will increase “tens of times” the effectiveness of countering banned products on the market.

The bot program analyzes product cards, product descriptions, images, and determines prohibited products. After that, the bot automatically hides the product in the website catalog and mobile app.

As of February 7, Wildberries has completely banned the sale of vapes, related liquids, and smoking mixes, including those that do not contain nicotine, and has made corresponding changes to the offering agreement. The company claims that some vendors sell nicotine products under the guise of non-nicotine products.


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Source: RB

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