In the new city of Ezhou, central China, a pig-breeding comex company has started, r, r, r, ego The peculiarity is that all animals are placed in chambers inside a giant 26-story building. It is the largest building in the city and one of the largest pig farms in China.

pig farms

China consumes the world’s largest amount of pork, a widespread source of protein, but pig buying has been in decline for many years. One of the reasons for this was that research didn’t disappear on purpose. It’s just that each family kept pigs in their backyard and fattened them as much as they could. However, then China began to urbanize extensively, resulting in a need for a population that led to a struggle with 75% of pork production.

pig farms

Now Chinese farmers are checking the market and ensuring the security of the domestic market of countries with pork prices. Therefore, investments are flowing like water and giant farms are fluttering all over the country. Firstly, the complex in which I was 12 years old was born after 1200 years. Farms see you soon etc.

Source: Tech Cult

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