More than half a million Rambler&Co media resource users participated in the survey. The survey began: “As AI and neural networks, we can help a person by automating a series of routine tasks, as well as replace him in some tasks, such as machine learning and data analysis. However, our ability to predict human behavior and other more complex processes is not yet perfect.”

After reading this text, people had to answer questions. 44% of respondents said neural networks should be used for technology development, 24% for machine learning and data analysis, 17% for chatbots and virtual assistants, and 15% for business. 60% of respondents also believe that technology helps analyze large amounts of data much faster than a person. In fact, 4% think that AI systems can better manage staff. 45% agreed that they would use neural networks to control devices at home. 22% believe AI technology can also improve home security. 52% of respondents suggest that neural networks can help doctors diagnose.

Overall, half of the respondents are confident that neural networks can help a person.

Source: Ferra

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