More than 65% of Russian marketplace sellers entered these sites no more than six months ago, according to a study by the Mercatus school on launching sales on marketplaces. Another 20.5% are sellers with experience from six months to a year, 11.9% – with experience from one to two years.

More than 65% of sellers in Russian markets are newbies

Only 1.9% of sellers today have been in the markets for 2-5 years, and only 0.2% have more than 5 years of experience.

School experts attribute this spread to a multiple increase in the interest of private entrepreneurs to promote products in the markets; previously, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses were not prepared to enter these sites.

Among the sellers surveyed, the majority are self-taught: 56% reported that they taught themselves how to sell on the marketplaces by trial and error. Only 15.5% of sellers studied in official schools and courses, 28.5% used various open sources.

The study also showed that Wildberries became the most popular marketplace for private sellers: 83.4% of respondents work with this platform. The second most popular is Ozon, where 30.4% of private sellers sell. 3.8% of respondents went to Yandex.Market and 1.8% went to the Kazakh Kaspi market. Private sellers do not yet actively use SberMegaMarket.

Among the problems and proposals addressed to the sites by entrepreneurs, the requests for improvement of the support service (38%), greater transparency (35%) and the sequence of algorithms (9%) were the most listened to. Respondents also reported problems with the accumulation of fines (5%), the operation of the collection point (4.5%) and the timing of the return of the goods (more than 3%).

More than 1.5 thousand people participated in the study.


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Source: RB

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