Bing with ChatGPT Since its introduction, it has become very popular and has led many to believe that for the first time, Microsoft holds the key to fighting the Google search engine. However, the Redmonds’ plans to monetize their AI chatbot implementation may not be to your liking.

In accordance with ReutersMicrosoft met with advertising agencies to discuss how it plans to make money from Bing with ChatGPT. And his intention would be nothing less than to start include paid links with ads among chatbot responses. To the point that he would have already shown a demonstration of his work to one of the companies involved.

It is not yet known how far along Bing’s ChatGPT monetization plan is and when Microsoft intends to openly implement it. Those with access to the information indicated that, according to the logic of those led by Satya Nadella, including advertising in the chatbot would help advertisers stay relevant.

Beyond the modality Microsoft is choosing to enable ads on Bing with ChatGPT, the measure also aims to respond to growing concerns from ad agencies and the brands they represent. What if an artificial intelligence chatbot ranks at the top of the search engine, traditional advertising become less efficient — and earn less revenue — by pushing down the results page.

Bing with ChatGPT already has “hidden” ads

Microsoft Bing |  Bing with ChatGPT

While Microsoft’s plan is to inject sponsored links into Bing using ChatGPT, the truth is that I would already have enabled ads on the platform. Reuters He mentions that, according to his sources, the Redmonds look at the cases of companies that pay for traditional advertising on their search engine and insert them into responses related to keywords related to their business.

Microsoft’s plans seem very ambitious. However, cause more doubt than certainty. Firstly, because it is not known how aggressive the presence of ads in the responses of an OpenAI-based chatbot can be. Secondly, because it is not clear in which cases ads will be shown and in which not. Thirdly, because the reliability of the answers that artificial intelligence can generate is called into question. After all, will factual answers take precedence? Or will sponsored results be placed above the really relevant content?

Add to this that Bing with ChatGPT is still far from perfect or always gives accurate answers. In addition, his “temperamental character” showed up in the final hours as the question and answer sessions dragged on. All questions that make us wonder if the platform is really ready to include paid ad links.

If Microsoft moves forward with this, one more issue will need to be addressed: let the public know they are showing ads in their responses. Because if the content is not just sponsored, but is an advertisement in disguise, users will hate it. And it won’t take long for them to let you know.

Source: Hiper Textual

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