Microsoft is discussing with major ad agencies plans to monetize the updated Bing search engine. In particular, the company can start placing advertising links directly in the responses of the ChatGPT AI bot integrated into the search engine.

Reuters: Microsoft plans to insert ads into Bing chatbot responses

It is reported by Reuters, citing “informed sources”. It should be noted that Microsoft is already testing ads on Bing. In addition to the usual banners on the page, commercial information may appear in the chatbot’s responses.

That is, for example, a user asks a chatbot a question: “Which are the best hotels in Mexico?” In response, artificial intelligence can display hotel ads.

A Reuters journalist found a possible ad on Bing. A user asked an AI about car air filter prices, and the chatbot responded with an ad for filters sold by Parts Geek, an online auto parts store.

The updated Bing, according to Reuters, could generate huge ad revenue for Microsoft. So far, the Microsoft Edge browser, which uses Bing as its default search engine, has a global market share of less than 5%, according to StatCounter.

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Ahmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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