The Ministry of Transport sent a letter to the regions informing them of the need to integrate electric scooters and other means of individual mobility (SIM) into the transport system, Kommersant learned.

The Ministry of Transport called on the regions to create an infrastructure for electric scooters

As of March 1, the updated traffic regulations come into force, which clarify the rules for the use of SIMs. For example, the speed of movement of such vehicles should not exceed 25 km / h. There will also be new signage regulating traffic.

The letter from the Ministry of Transport states that the SIM must be firmly established in everyday life as an alternative to cars and public transport. This is especially true when a person needs to overcome a distance of up to 5 km within the city.

Thus, the regional authorities must provide “conditions for the safe and comfortable use of the SIM by citizens” through its integration “into the transport system”.

The agency hopes that special SIM parking lots will be arranged in public areas. We are talking about sidewalks, pedestrian streets, bus stops, crowded areas near shopping centers. The Ministry of Transport separately emphasizes that parking lots should not interfere with pedestrians. It is allowed to park SIM cards in parking pockets.

In general, the letter says that local authorities should encourage citizens to use SIM more actively.

According to Vadim Melnikov, head of the Safe Movement Center, there are still no mechanisms that encourage regions to actively work on the infrastructure for SIM.

Vladimir Sokolov, leader of the Pedestrian Union, takes a similar position, noting that the Ministry of Transport should provide funds, for example, for high-quality cycle lanes. In his opinion, the current measures can only reduce traffic safety.

Aleksey Tsivilev, head of the commission for transport and transport infrastructure development of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, believes that the amendments to the traffic rules should be finalized. The parliamentarian sent an appeal to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with a request to postpone the entry into force of these changes.

According to Tsivilev, due to the so-called 20 km/h non-penalty threshold, which today allows breaking the speed limit, scooters will drive at a speed of 45 km/h instead of 25 km/h.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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