VK has consolidated one of the largest online platforms for schoolchildren, Uchi.ru, the IT holding said in a statement. The company bought the remaining 75% of the shares. The deal amounted to 8.7 billion rubles.

VK bought the educational platform for schoolchildren “Uchi.ru” for 8.7 billion rubles

The deal will reportedly strengthen VK’s position in the extracurricular education segment. For two years now, VK, together with Uchi.ru, has been launching Olympics for schoolchildren and organizing conferences for teachers and parents.

Before the deal, VK’s share was 25%. The founder and former co-owner of distributor Merlion IT, Alexei Sonk, owned 16.72%, 12.81% and 10.54%: Uchi.ru co-founders Ivan Kolomoyets and Yevgeny Milyutin. Co-owners included Yuri Virovets (4.7%), co-founder of Russian Asian online recruiter HeadHunter and other minority shareholders.

Uchi.ru is one of the largest online educational platforms in Russia for schoolchildren, where they study school and extracurricular subjects, learn programming, prepare for exams and participate in competitions.

According to its own data, more than 12 million students, 6 million parents and 800,000 teachers use the platform’s products and services. In addition to the Uchi.ru educational platform, it is developing the Uchi.Doma online tutor school, the Uchi.Answers educational portal, the Uchi.ru network of offline circles and centers for programming, mathematics and English, and a website educational online. resource “Yaklass”.

VK is developing several more projects in the field of education. The perimeter of the company also includes educational services Skillbox, GeekBrains, SkillFactory, Umskul, Tetrika, Sferum.


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Source: RB

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