Twitter has announced that two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS will be available to Twitter Blue subscription service subscribers starting March 20. Free accounts that have never enabled 2FA will no longer be able to do so. Only 2.6% of social network members use 2FA, and in total, more than 74% use the SMS method.

The company said the measure is aimed at improving security, as there have been cases where two-factor authentication has been exploited by “malicious actors.” Microblog made this decision because of the large number of scam messages that cause US$60 billion in losses a year.

Users who are not subscribed to Twitter Blue have thirty days to deactivate the method and sign up for another method, such as an authentication app. The new premium feature of the social network offers benefits such as verification badge, less ads and more visibility for a monthly price that can reach R$60.

Disabling SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter has been looking for new revenue streams since Elon Musk took over the platform.  (Source: Unsplash/Claudio Schwarz/Reproduction)

Even if there is a charge for 2FA authentication via SMS, profiles that do not subscribe to Twitter Blue will still be able to use other forms of two-factor authentication that remain free, such as authentication apps and security keys.

To disable two-factor authentication via SMS and securely change the login mode, users must access the Twitter account configuration page from the “More” option in the menu on the right side of the social network.

Select the “Settings and Support” option and then “Configuration and Privacy”. A submenu will open where the user has to go to “Security and account access”. Then the “Security” option should be selected.

Finally, the “Two-step authentication” option should be reached and the “Text message” option should be disabled. The user can choose between “Authentication App” or “Security Key” to continue securely signing in to the platform.


The decision to remove the free 2FA option for text messages is one of Elon Musk’s controversial decisions at the top of Twitter. The new owner of the platform was also accused of filling everyone’s timelines with his own tweets and would even order the accounts to be banned for no reason.

Many complained about the new accusation, saying Musk “destroyed” the social network. Meanwhile, others pointed out that 2FA via SMS is the most insecure method and using apps is the most reliable way to access it.

Check out the tweets on the topic below:

Source: Tec Mundo

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