On February 17, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki resigned after nine years at the helm of YouTube. The new head of service, Neil Mohan, is expected to bring more Web3 functionality to the site.

The new head of YouTube will actively implement Web3 functions in the service

Announcing his departure, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki had a few words for his successor, Neil Mohan. In the post, she highlighted his key role in launching products like YouTube TV and YouTube Music, also stating that he will be an “incredible leader.” For the past seven years, Neil Mohan has been the CTO of YouTube.

Decrypt noted that in 2022, Mohan talked about the future of video hosting, promising users more Web3 features and even NFT integration. Later, the new head of YouTube said that he was looking at various formats to introduce new technologies, including the creation of a metaverse and the launch of brand tokens.

We believe that new technologies like blockchain and NFT can allow creators to build deeper relationships with their fans.

Neil Mohan, CEO of YouTube

Mohan also wrote that NFTs could be “a convenient and secure way to have unique videos and photos from the content creators you follow.” Speaking about the metaverse, the YouTube boss noted that while the technology is only at an early stage in its development, plans are already being hatched to create more engaging content with the help of it.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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