Microsoft retreated and relaxed the rules imposed on Bing on weekends. After introducing a limit on the number of requests and interactions in GPT chats, the technology company changed its plans. In a Bing blog post, Microsoft announced that daily chat limit increased to 60 and ChatGPT sessions will last up to six turns.

According to the Bing team, the decision to make the new adjustment is based on feedback received over the weekend. Although the changes are minor, technological opened the door to the return of long chats.

“Since we’ve put limits on chat, we’ve received feedback from many of you who want to revert to longer chats so you can search more efficiently and interact better with the chat feature.”

Microsoft said that “long and confusing” chat sessions are not something they’ll find in internal testing.. In a previous post, you mentioned that most people find the answers they’re looking for in five turns of chat, and that only 1% of conversations contain more than 50 messages. While the goal of a chatbot is not to chat forever, the creators of Windows want to offer this alternative.

We intend to bring back longer chats and are hard at work discussing how best to do this responsibly.

Added in new settings, Microsoft will also test a feature that allows you to select the chat tone.. The options available will be Accurate —focused on concise and targeted search responses—, Balanced and creativethe latter will produce longer, conversation-like responses.

Microsoft will continue to test and make changes to Bing AI on the fly

The main interface of the new Bing based on GPT 3 or GPT 4 and ChatGPT

The new AI-powered ChatGPT Bing has been at the center of discussion over the past few days. The experience was different for each user though one constant – unstable behavior of artificial intelligence in long chats. Sydney – the code name of the search engine – struck up romantic conversations, went crazy and accused the robot Sophia of wanting to kill her.

According to the engineers, this is because the model tends to get tangled during long sessions. Given that some users spend up to two hours chatting with Bing, this behavior is common. The company also stated that AI attempts to respond or reflect the tone in which answers are requested.

While Microsoft says the tests are going well, the company wants to balance the negative mentions of Bing. In days gone by journalists and experts exposed chatbot failureshinting that artificial intelligence cannot yet be trusted, or even that this will mean the end of the human race.

The truth is that all these inconveniences are part of the process. Microsoft has stated that the reason they are doing Bing open testing is to find exceptional use cases where you can explore and improve the product. The company is closely monitoring the feedback of its users and will continue to update the search engine.

If you want use Bing with ChatGPT You can request access to the tool at While anyone can sign up, the tech company prioritizes those who complete recommended tasks such as download the Bing app or set Microsoft Edge as your default browser.

Source: Hiper Textual

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