It is quite normal to have products. tesla They are late to the market. Throughout its history, very few car models have retained the initial date specified by the manufacturer. This also happened with Cybertruck, whose sale date was confirmed.

It is true that in many regions such as Spain this vehicle can be booked, but it will be necessary. wait a little longer than expected physically possess. It should be noted that this long-distance electric charging vehicle is expected until 2021, which is already quite optimistic considering it will be announced in 2019 – but it was soon fixed and the start of deliveries was delayed by a year.

Elon Musk has announced a delivery date again

Tesla’s creator was responsible for marking the date change caused by supply issues with all manufacturers worldwide—even board games. Thus, during the opening of a new factory in Texas (USA), Musk stated that the electric car we mentioned will begin to be sent to buyers in Turkey. 2023. And this time without further delay.

so this time it looks like everything is well connected and the company’s model for freight transportation will begin to appear on the roads from the said moment. Additionally, the location wasn’t exactly a random choice, as the firm wants the company’s new factory to be responsible for producing “higher volume” models. Said by Elon Musk himself, this leaves the door open for more models of this type to be released in the future.

Very important year 203 for Tesla

Given that the dates have changed, there will be several company products to launch in 2023 if all else remains unchanged. Besides the aforementioned Cybertruck, Tesla Semi EV, the reason why big trolleys are the manufacturer’s big heroes next year. Occasionally, Musk himself has stated that he has a surprise (it could be an autonomous taxi in the US).

Also next year, the time chosen for production robot optimus, one of the craziest ideas Tesla has ever had, but some see a brilliant future thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence. The truth is, 2023 could mean a big break for this company and, by extension, its creator.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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