About a year ago, the world knew that Bruce Willis was suffering from phasia, a neurodegenerative set of p p p p. The cult actor has undergone several examinations and is receiving treatment, but the disease is progressing. Now doctors have clarified the diagnosis: Willis is struggling with dementia associated with the work of the frontotemporal part – FTD. This is the result of dementia and 60 years of age (Willis is 67 years old). Its cunning is that it is difficult to diagnose a public danger. Therefore, it is much more widely accepted than many might think.

The Willis family helps the actor in every possible way and instead of isolating himself from society, he decided to be completely sharp. The disease can affect any person on Earth – therefore, everyone must be aware of it in order to recognize its first signs and avoid such serious consequences that Bruce himself faced.

The actor is out of office all the time According to medical estimates, in cases alone, up to 60,000 people are ill with FTD, while many do not even suspect that very soon their lives can “go under slope”.

Source: Tech Cult

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