The 9to5Mac edition is present in the iOS 16.4 code of the new ComputeModule13.1 and ComputeModule13.3 (Compute Module) device look. What it is, no one knows. It is only known that the device runs on iOS or uses part of its code.

There are several versions of what ComputeModule is:

▪️ This is one of the extras that stand out for the new Mac Pro with an Apple processor.

▪️ The control unit of the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality helmet, which contains the chip and other components

▪️ Raspberry Pi Compute Module I/O Board Analog

We probably know the correct answer this year when Apple introduces the device.

Exclusive: iOS 16.4 code refers to new “compute module” device? Mac Pro, Reality Pro or something else?

The code in the iOS 16.4 developer disk image in Xcode points to the new Compute Engine running the iOS variant.

Source: Iphones RU

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