Xiaomi announced today (27), during MWC 2023 Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, a prototype of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. The device, which does not have a release date yet, promises a user experience close to human retina quality.

The product will have several different uses, including the possibility of “capturing” the screen of a television screen recording for viewing through glasses. In addition to connecting the virtual speakers of the device with the real environment to achieve a spatial sound experience, it will also be possible to integrate with smart devices that will allow working in AR environments.

As an example, the company talks about interacting with smart home objects. According to Xiaomi, “when users are looking at a light bulb, they can use spatial gestures to click a virtual switch to turn it on or off.”

The promise of the Chinese giant is that the glasses will be among the first in the industry to have a display with high image quality. When the angular resolution or PPD (pixels per degree) approaches 60, the human eye cannot distinguish detail. to get an idea, the PPD of the glasses is 58according to the brand.

The device with microLED displays also has free-form light-directing prisms that create a sharp image image. It has a lightweight (126 grams) aviator style design that minimizes light loss and delivers up to 1200 nits of brightness.

Low latency and gestures

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition has connectivity with Snapdragon Spaces compatible smartphones, offers automatic adjustment to ambient lighting, manual tracking and low latency. Since the novelty uses the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 platform, according to the Chinese giant, the delay between mobile phone and glasses is less than 3ms and the latency in wireless connection is about 50ms.

Another feature of the glasses is Micro gesture tool for interaction. From finger gestures it is possible to give commands such as entering and exiting applications (YouTube, TikTok and others) without taking the mobile out of your pocket, enabling texting, returning to the home page and more.

HE Xiaomi Wireless AR Glasses Discovery Edition will work with Xiaomi 13 or any other device that supports Snapdragon Spaces. The glasses are available in titanium, will support three nose sizes and even a special version for myopic people.

Source: Tec Mundo

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