During a sea expedition along the Liliuokalani Ridge, the research ship Nautilus observes the bottom of an underwater lake north of the Hawaiian Islands, paved with paving stones, like a yellow brick road in the magical land of Oz. Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument is one of the most protected natural sites in the world, which is larger than the entire territory of the United States, and today only about 3% of its bottom has been explored.

The Ocean Research Trust is gradually revealing its secrets and at the same time providing an opportunity to play z z z z For example, a recent YouTube video showed a fabulous road from Oz.

The bottom of the open lake on Mount Nootka is at a depth of 1000 m, but it is a “dry” discovery. The Chechens comment that the ground here is like a “liver cork” that has cracked in some places to appear on the paving stones with 90-degree gaps due to temperature fluctuations due to observed eruptions in the area. This effect can be achieved by penetrating the architecture, although it is of natural origin.

Source: Tech Cult

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