Since the end of February 2022, Zara, Bershka, H&M, Uniqlo and several other brands have left the Russian market amid the Russian special operation in Ukraine. In this regard, a significant part of the niche of modern youth clothing, which Russian brands rushed to occupy, has been vacated.

Analysts interviewed by RB.RU predict further expansion of the Russian fashion segment, even if the departed brands return, albeit under a different name. In his opinion, this will not affect the domestic manufacturer much.

Russian fashion brands aim to close the mid-price segment of the market after Zara’s exit

At the request of RB.RU, First Data’s ad tech experts found out which local brands customers prefer. To do this, they analyzed more than 225,000 Russian online transactions from April 2022 to February 2023.

A large part of purchases is occupied by branded products. “Zaporozhets” – 71.9%. then comes LIME 19.3%, monochrome C. 2mood with indicators of 5.6% and 3.1% respectively.

Consumer interest in the product of this segment is affected by the average bill. In “Zaporozhets” it amounted to 1.2 thousand rubles, in LIME – 2 thousand rubles, in Monochrome – 3 thousand rubles, 2mood – 3.9 thousand rubles. The lower the average bill, the higher the demand for brand clothing, says the study.

First Chief Data Officer, Alexander Starostin explains this behavior of buyers by the fact that they always try to rationalize costs in an unstable economic situation, due to which goods with a lower price will be more attractive to consumers. Plus, the smaller the average check, the more goods you can buy, he concluded.

IN Ozone Over the past year, there has been increased interest in the market from Russian brands. the market presents Zarina, Sela, Befree, Love Republic, YOURS, Laina, Gloria Jeans.

According to the site, in the third quarter of 2022, the apparel category (which includes apparel, footwear, and accessories) nearly quadrupled year-over-year. “It accounted for almost one in three products on the site – 43 million headers. This assortment is largely made up of market sellers, including domestic brands and designers,” a company representative told RB.RU.

Fashion House Group Marketing Director Konstantin Anisimov believes that the main trend in relation to Russian brands today is their desire to close the middle price segment, which was previously covered by Zara. Hence the growing interest of Russians in the aforementioned domestic brands.

However, the main problem of local manufacturers and designers is a modest and often too expensive range. According to Anisimov, if the Russian brand manages to show the range, then the chances of success in conquering the market are much higher.

Konstantin Anisimov predicts that the Russian clothing market will expand rapidly. Even if the departed foreign brands return under a different name, it won’t affect the local manufacturer much. Over the last period, competitors of Russian companies have increased their advantages.

As an example, Anisimov cited the Telegraph department store with a constantly growing assortment, which positions itself as a brand store of Russian designers of the new generation. In his opinion, Russian brands are showing steady growth, despite the turmoil of the past year.

  • Previously, 54% of Russians said they would like to see new “strong” domestic brands appear instead of returning international ones. Among those who want the appearance of new Russian brands, 55% of men and 54% of women. Most of them are 45 years or older. The smallest number of people who expect “strong” Russian brands is among Russian residents aged 18-24 – 36%.


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Source: RB

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