OpenAI has announced that it will make it available. ChatGPTWhisper, a natural language model and a speech-to-text model for third-party developers to integrate into their applications and services via an application programming interface (API).

In practice, this means: customer service (SAC) will become more intuitive and conversational, even if the user is “talking to a robot”. The idea is to make this type of interaction more contextual and eliminate the short and direct responses of existing chatbots of this type.

The startup has seen a 90% reduction in chatbot costs since December and began charging less from API users.. The GPT 3.5 Turbo model adopted by ChatGPT costs $0.002 per 1,000 coins and is 10 times cheaper than previous versions of the product. Each token corresponds to approximately four characters of an English word.

Using Whisper to transcribe or translate audio costs $0.006 per minute. Although the model is open source and can be run for free, OpenAI is likely to offer more powerful hardware, making the payment a more viable option for faster responses or on less powerful devices.

The company also offers new options for in-depth control over the two models of vehicles, allowing users to select custom capacity for greater control and performance.

Companies already using the ChatGPT API

Shopify Virtual Assistant is powered by ChatGPT integrated API.  (Source: Shopify/Reproduction)

A Microsoft It is not the only company that has decided to integrate OpenAI tools into its products.. Snap Inc. introduced Artificial Intelligence for Snapchat+, an experimental feature that runs on the Language Model API to provide users with a user-friendly and customizable chatbot.

Quizlet has launched Q-Chat, an artificial intelligence (AI) trainer that engages students with questions based on relevant study materials delivered through a chat experience.

Shopify uses ChatGPT API to power Shop’s shopping assistant with personalized recommendationsSpeak, a language learning app, uses the Whisper API to power a new AI-based speaking practice product.

Source: Tec Mundo

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