In fact, the seahorse has almost no meat: this is due to the fact that the body of this animal is covered with spikes and leathery growths. Despite this, various dishes are prepared with it. Above all, sea horses are valued. Asian countries. They are even eaten there as a dried delicacy.

The dried seahorse is used to make snacks, soups and salads. Asians believe that such meat contains many vitamins and has a positive effect on potency in men.

You can also easily see dried seahorses as street food in the touristic areas of Asia.

A dish like seahorse caviar is very popular in the world’s most exclusive restaurants. They also eat the lungs and eyes of these fish.

Finally, in Vietnam, you can order a dish called Chicken Seahorse Stew. Asians also pour rice vodka into seahorses and make tinctures from it.

But in many Asian countries, seahorses are listed in the Red Book due to overfishing.

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Source: Ferra

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