In recent months, we have seen threshold changes in how we use the Internet. Search engines are an integral part of it and are increasingly integrating more features based on artificial intelligence. Today sample Brave Search, who released a new feature called Adder among the main functions of your browser.

No, the Summarizer is not a chatbot like Bing’s ChatGPT model or Google’s Bard. Brave Search notes that “Unlike AI-based chat tools that can give false answers, Summarizer creates a simple summary at the top of the search results page.” In fact, instead of using a third party model, Summarizer technology is based on proprietary LLMLarge language model-.

Brave Search took this approach to get rid of the unsubstantiated claims that search engines like Bing sinned against after integrating ChatGPT technology. The same thing happened to Google, whose AI Bard cost him millions of dollars after giving the wrong answer. The Brave Search search engine, in turn, wants AI to be part of its services, but in a more sensible and measured way.

Who can use Brave Search AI? According to Josep M. Pujol, Head of Search at Brave, “This open system is available to all Brave Search users starting today to help them better navigate search results.”

Brave Search joins other search engines with its own artificial intelligence

Brave search, artificial intelligence
“What happened in East Palestine, Ohio?” – Bold search

Another major innovation that Brave Search is launching can be seen in the descriptions of the search results. If previously only keywords from the search were highlighted, now artificial intelligence highlights full text that can be useful users during their requests.

According to Brave Search, It is important that the Summarizer always show the sources from which your answers are taken.. This way, users can confirm the facts and make sure the summary is correct. Fortunately, since this is an AI that collects information rather than generating it, the chance of errors is greatly reduced, but not completely.

Although the technology demonstrated by Brave Search is very useful, it still does not take up much space in the responses. Actually, only 17% of search queries qualify for Summarizer activation. Of course, the company plans to increase this number.

Meanwhile, The struggle between search engines to exploit the power of artificial intelligence intensifies over time. You may have already heard of Bard, a Google offering. Bing, for its part, has managed to become the most controversial search engine in recent months after integrating with ChatGPT. Meanwhile, smaller contenders like have also unveiled their proposals to incorporate AI into their services.

Source: Hiper Textual

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