For tech geeks, Amazon’s Dutch version is a true Walhalla. The webshop is full of affordable gadgets, audiovisual equipment and computer equipment. What are the best tech deals this week? Amazon changes its prices almost daily, so act fast!

Sony HT-G700 has a real stunt price for this luxury soundbar from Sony. Other well-known (web) shops charge at least one hundred euros extra for the HT-G700. The enclosure is almost a meter long, so you can safely place it under a large TV.

Sony HT-G700

With support for modern surround formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, you’ll be in the center of all the action. Hear the sound effects even from above. The included wireless subwoofer is responsible for solid bass. In short, you can still hear exaggerated scenes in exciting movies and action games. Connection is fast as you connect the HT-G700 to the TV with an HDMI cable. There is also an optical input at the rear.

Price: from 450 € to 299 €

Marshall Major IV

If you have a preference for retro-looking audio products, then well-known hi-fi brand Marshall is the right choice. These discounted Bluetooth headphones not only look good, but also fit very comfortably thanks to their soft on-ear cushions. The ear cushions are placed right over your ears so you don’t completely shut yourself off from the environment. Know exactly what is going on around you. The powerful battery offers no less than eighty (!) hours of listening time. The British manufacturer also provides an audio cable. Fold the Major IV into a compact package, then you can take these easy-to-use headphones wherever you go.

Price: from € 149.99 to € 89

Marshall Major IV

Lenovo D24-20

If you’re looking for a new PC monitor, the Lenovo D24-20 is worth considering. It is not for nothing that this product is currently the best selling monitor on due to its attractive price tag. The diagonal of the screen is 23.8 inches. Do you want a bigger size? For an additional fee of twenty euros, you can purchase the 27-inch version if you wish.

Lenovo D24-20

It’s nice that you can tilt the Full HD screen back slightly. The bottom has two video ports, HDMI and VGA. Also, the response time is four milliseconds and the refresh rate is 75 hertz. Lenovo D24-20 is suitable for office purposes. Optionally, attach the monitor to a VESA bracket via the four mounting holes.

Price: 129 €,-

Dune HD SmartBox 4K Plus

Dune HD has an excellent reputation as a quality media player manufacturer. Connect the SmartBox 4K Plus to a TV via HDMI and play your own media files on the picture tube.

Dune HD SmartBox 4K Plus

Unlike the integrated media player of most smart TVs, this device supports almost all audio and video codecs. Useful for those who manage an extensive media collection on a NAS or external hard drive, for example. Transferring 4K images is no problem at all. The compact enclosure has two USB ports for connecting external storage devices. Connect the Dune HD SmartBox 4K Plus (wireless) to the home network to stream media files from a PC, laptop or NAS. The manufacturer provides a remote control.

Price: from € 59.99 to € 50.99

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro

A mesh system is an effective solution for increasing WiFi coverage, but unfortunately such products are expensive. Want to extend the WiFi signal only to a nearby room or area? In this case, a WiFi repeater is the cheapest option. The affordable Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro captures the wireless signal and then transmits a new signal via two antennas. Place this device somewhere between the router and the ‘dead zone’. The maximum theoretical transfer rate is 300 Mbit/s.

Price: 14,85 €

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro

Source: Computer Totaal

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