The flow of tourists to Turkey from the Russian Federation is being restored, vacations in the Crimea are getting cheaper, the turnover of companies from the Primorsky Territory is growing, but Russia is not welcome at international exhibitions, UnionPay removes information about issuance of cards in sub-sanctioned banks, and the EU offers credit organizations disconnected from SWIFT the use of faxes. RB continues to follow key information events for entrepreneurs in Russia and around the world.

Twitter suffers losses, Russian banks are offered to return to faxes: the main thing for business March 4

  • Twitter reported losses in December 2022: the platform’s revenue and net income decreased by 40%, which is associated with the departure of advertisers from the social network.
  • The EU suggested that Russian banks that were not sanctioned but disconnected from SWIFT use alternative ways of exchanging financial messages: paper, fax or email.
  • The German company that organizes a major international food exhibition in Thailand THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2023 refused to participate in Russian trade representatives.
  • UnionPay has removed information about the issuance of its cards in Russian banks that have recently been sanctioned
  • The Victoria’s Secret chief said that after a four-year hiatus, the brand is reviving the famous fashion show and will spend much more on marketing in 2023 than before.
  • Authors using self-publishing platforms on the Internet earn an average of 50-70 thousand rubles a month (“Kommersant”).
  • The turnover of organizations in Primorsky Krai, excluding small businesses, increased by 13.2% in 2022 and exceeded 2.8 trillion rubles.
  • After the earthquake and on the eve of the May holidays, sales of tours to Turkey from Russia (Kommersant) were fully restored.
  • And rest in the Crimea, taking into account the demand for which has not yet fully recovered, has fallen in price by an average of 30-40%.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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