The Moscow government has presented five historical buildings to investors, in which, after restoration, it will be possible to open hotels on preferential terms. The “newest” of the objects were built in 1917.

Moscow will donate five historic buildings for the opening of hotels

This was reported on the Moscow government website. As Deputy Mayor Vladimir Yefimov said, three buildings with a total area of ​​​​more than 2 thousand square meters. Metros will be rebuilt to create a hotel chain under a concession contract with the city authorities.

“All the objects have interesting architectural solutions and are located in unique historical places not far from the main sights of the capital in areas with a developed transport infrastructure,” Yefimov said.

More than 90 hotel rooms will appear. The project will be implemented by the investor, who will be determined by the results of the competition. Applications are accepted until March 27.

The contract with the concessionaire will be signed for 49 years. It is noted that it will have to provide a “combination of historical heritage and modern trends”: rebuilding a historic building, as well as equipping the interiors with new equipment, inventory and furniture.

The first building is located on Kievskaya street, near the metro station of the same name. The second is located on Broshevsky lane in the Tagansky district. The third facility is located on Bolshoi Sukharevsky Lane, next to the Sukharevskaya metro station.

On March 24, auctions will be held under the program “1 ruble per square meter per year”: the winners of the auctions will have to restore the buildings and open hotels in them, after which they will switch to a preferential rental rate for a period 20 years old.

All services and companies related to relocation on a single map

The total area of ​​the premises exceeds 500 square meters. meters, and the estimated number of rooms is 42. One of the objects is located on Tovarishchesky lane in the Tagansky district, the second – on Zatsepe street in Zamoskvorechye.

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Ahmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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