The foreseeable future will possibly send the first exploration mission to Mars. The red planet holds many secrets, and one of the most interesting is its complex multi-level caves. Scientists plan to collect as much information about them as possible before the first people are delivered to the planet. Arizona State University has already developed a system of separate and auxiliary rovers that will work in conjunction with the breadcrumb concept described in the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel.

The heroes of the fairy tale used crumbs to find their way home. American researchers propose to replace them with compact radio data. Several rovers will eject them as they move through the underground transporters. Through a chain of such sensors, data exchange between the used rover, parked at the entrance to the cave, and research vehicles will be organized. In this case, the frequency of resetting the “crumbs” will be determined by the weakening of the signal. In this way, it will be possible to use a reliable channel for the exchange of information.

The basis of the rover will be to accumulate and receive the data received from the research modules – thanks to this, it will be possible to compile a detailed map of the cave of Mars. At the same time, small-sized all-terrain vehicles can be used as consumables, and the return must be marecular. Not only access to the small underground tunnels of the Red Planet will help increase access, but also to assess the possibility of using them to accommodate colonists. This is easier and cheaper than building convenient and secure modules on the surface.

all-terrain vehicle

Source: Tech Cult

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