The research project to scan the pyramids is randomly found inside the great pyramid in Giza Unknown B is located near the main entrance, but research has never been found nearby. At present, traces of its possible achievement have been found in a structure 146 meters high.

So the glass in the variant, the detected corridor was necessary for the redistribution of the building load. At its end, the scanner “detected” a massive limestone structure. Scientists still cannot understand where this corridor was supposed to enter and what lies behind the discovery inside it. It is planned to continue scanning with the involvement of additional specialists and modern equipment. It is noteworthy that the corridor covers “invisible ‘d d census, sanitation from 2015, the code was given to stV.

The first small-sized endoscope and rolling-genographic equipment was born. Another major achievement of the Scan Pyramids downfall was the discovery of 30-meter pillars inside the pyramid in 2017. Egyptian pyramids are taller than ever before, and this is the most common place puzzle.

Source: Tech Cult

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