I have been using the Apple Watch Ultra for several months now and I am absolutely satisfied with the watch: the independent working time is at a height, the pleasant heaviness on the wrist has become pleasant, and with a large screen it is convenient to read information, just one glance is enough.

However, a bright large screen is not only good, but also Badly. and appear in full screen, people around you can also see who is writing to you. Just one glance is enough.

I do not like to show my preferences to everyone in a row, whether it be work colleagues, people to me or random curious fellow travelers on the subway. Therefore, on the Apple Watch Ultra, for the first time in all the years of owning an Apple smart watch, made one very important add-on.

I recommend to all owners of smart watches with great frequency also to enhance their privacy. Take a few seconds so that you don’t regret the inconvenient notification that popped up on the watch screen later.

How to disable screen sharing on Apple Watch

1. Open the Clock app on your iPhone

2. Go to the “Notifications” section

3. Go to the “Notifications with your wrist down” section

4. Set the “News Show” toggle switch to an inactive state

From now on, the clock does not show in any way the effect that you have received any message. Select the vibration, see the details – you will need to install the wrist.

For more data protection, in the same place, in the Clock app – Notifications, activate the toggle switch “Security disclosure by touch”. Then even if you raise your wrist, you will only see the title of the message. The content will be hidden until you tap to watch it.

Apple Watch 44mm or Apple Watch Ultra.

Owners of smaller watches, beware: information with your small screens causes increased anxiety.

To the point:

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