As leading Russian politicians and businessmen congratulate women on March 8, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation reports a record increase in the number of bank cards issued, researchers point to an increase in the number of female entrepreneurs in domestic companies, as well As the number of independent specialists, Bloomberg reports on the addiction of Russian businessmen to Zimbabwe safaris, and RB continues to follow newsworthy events of interest to businessmen in Russia and around the world.

Record issuance of bank cards, growth in the number of female managers, safari in Zimbabwe: the main thing for business March 8

  • The issuance of bank cards in the Russian Federation in 2022 increased by a record 18% and amounted to 389.6 million (Central Bank of the Russian Federation).
  • The number of female managers in Russian companies has increased by 25% (“RG” with reference to Team Awards).
  • The Ministry of Digital Transformation sent a resolution to the State Duma proposing measures to pre-install Rustore on all devices sold in the Russian Federation, even in the event of a ban by the owner of the operating system.
  • Deputies from the Pueblo Nuevo faction introduced a bill on the free entry of electric car owners to toll roads.
  • More than 160 suppliers of nicotine-free smoking pipes and vaporizers have filed a class action pre-trial lawsuit against Wildberries due to illegal fines of more than 600 million rubles.
  • The EU has imposed sanctions against nine people for violating women’s rights, including two soldiers from the Russian Federation.
  • 53% of Russian companies work with independent specialists, every 10 organizations attract more than 30 of these professionals (“RG” with reference to “”).
  • IT specialists of the Saratov region in 2022 issued a preferential mortgage for more than 130 million rubles,
  • More and more wealthy Russians began going on safari to Zimbabwe due to sanctions restrictions (Bloomberg).
  • The US Treasury announced its intention to review the “ceiling” of oil prices in March (RIA Novosti).
  • Three times as many women as men believe girls should be financially independent (35% vs. 11% “definitely yes”). Twice as many men as women oppose such financial freedom.
  • Google announced the date of its annual I/O conference, which talks about new products: it will take place on May 10.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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