Several Ryzen processors were tested in a 1440p game stream on the Odin Hardware YouTube channel. Among them are the Ryzen 5 2600 and 5600x.

An ultra preset Plague Tale Requiem has been launched. On average, it managed to get 38fps (with the overclocked Ryzen 5 2600) and 50fps (with the Ryzen 5 5600x).

AC Odyssey ran at 58fps (Ryzen 2600) and 68fps (Ryzen 5600x) at Ultra High graphics settings.

Performance at maximum detail in CS:GO averages 320 fps (Ryzen 2600) and 502 fps (Ryzen 5600x).

Cyberpunk 2077 came with the High and Medium RTX On preset. Average FPS in this case was 46fps and 63fps (Ryzen 2600 and 5600x, respectively).

Doom Eternal worked on Nightmare graphics settings. The average frame rate in this case was 162 fps (with Ryzen 2600) and 194 fps (with Ryzen 5600x).

We managed to average 77fps and 99fps in Forza Horizon 5 with the ultra preset (Ryzen 2600 and 5600x).

Ghostwire Tokyo has arrived with Max Details. On average, its performance was around 66fps (Ryzen 2600) and 97fps (Ryzen 5600x).

God of War (with Ryzen 2600 and 5600x) at ultra preset average 70fps and 78fps.

GTA 5 came with Very High Details 4X AA. The average frame rate in the game was 94 fps (with Ryzen 2600) and 101 fps (with Ryzen 5600x).

Horizon Zero Dawn launches with the Ultimate preset. Average FPS in this case was 59fps and 78fps (with Ryzen 2600 and Ryzen 5600x).

In Spiderman Remastered, we managed to average 42fps (Ryzen 2600) and 78fps (Ryzen 5600x) with the Very High and High RTX preset.

Red Dead Redemption 2 came with High Details and an average frame rate of 68fps (Ryzen 2600) and 75fps (Ryzen 5600x).

The Witcher 3 has been released with Maximum Details. Average performance in this game was 89fps and 106fps (Ryzen 2600 and 5600x, respectively).

Average frame rate in Rainbow Six Siege is 244 fps (from 2600) and 376 fps (from 5600x).

In all games tested, the Ryzen 5 5600x processor far outperformed the overclocked Ryzen 5 2600. The difference between these processors averaged 37% (102 fps vs 140 fps).

Features of gaming computers:

  • Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600x stock speed/Ryzen 5 2600 overlock speed;
  • cooling system Gigabyte 280 water power;
  • video card Zotac Twin Edge RTX 3070 8GB DDR6;
  • motherboard MSI x570 Gaming Edge WiFi;
  • data store Highlights Ballistix Sport 3600 CL16 (16-18-18-38), 2x8GB;
  • frame Antec NX 800, Galax Rev 02;
  • power unit Antec Neo 650 Watt Power Supply;
  • NVMe/SSD (OS) WD SN810, Gigabyte SSD – 480GB/1TB;
  • HDD 2TB Western Digital 7200rpm;
  • OS Windows 10 Pro Build 21H2.

Source: Ferra

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