During Display Week 2022, Samsung introduced new display prototypes during its exhibition. One of the most notable projects OLED displays for mobile devices It can slide vertically or horizontally to increase their space.

Although it may seem complicated, the whole process is extremely simple: just pull the screen up or to the sides and that’s it, screen size changes. The functionality can be of great help for watching movies and TV shows, reading books or PDFs, taking notes, drawing or making your smartphone more compact when you put it in your pocket.

It is worth noting that there are two different designs shown: One can expand the screen vertically and the other causes the screen area to increase horizontally, as shown in the video below.

Galaxy Flex S and Flex G

In addition, the company decided to show other very interesting projects. The models were already announced during CES 2022, but a teaser video from Samsung Display gave us more details.

This Galaxy Flex S is is folding screen that opens like a flyer, it even serves as a kind of “mini-notebook”, with part of the screen resting on a surface that will be the keyboard, and the rest just for viewing content. This flexible G It is very similar to this proposal, but as the last addition suggests, it has an even larger screen.

Is a slider smartphone coming?

Unfortunately, additional details of the OLED displays have not been revealed, and as these are just ongoing projects, we’ll have to wait a bit to see these concepts implemented in real life.

Samsung has already taken the lead with its foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold3 and ZFlip 3, and it looks far beyond launching a sliding screen phone. The company plans to continue investing in this market, and even recent rumors suggest it’s an “L” shaped cell phone.

Source: Tec Mundo

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