Wildberries intends to launch a chat feature between sellers and buyers. It has already begun testing in a limited group of entrepreneurs. The main objective of innovation is to improve the return service for defective goods.

Wildberries decided to launch the chat function between sellers and buyers

The market has also updated the offer. The seller will not be able to use monosyllabic answers, insult the buyer, and also speak negatively about Wildberries, its employees and other entrepreneurs on the site. The maximum timeframe for answering customer questions in the chat should not exceed 10 days, Vedomosti learned.

For violations, the platform can suspend cooperation with the store, and for the seller’s attempt to contact the client directly, a fine of 25 thousand rubles can be charged.

Experts believe the feature will be useful for sellers, but fear it could lead to an increase in so-called shopping terrorism.

The executive director of the cloud service “MySklad”, Askar Rakhimberdiev, considers the fears about the emergence of consumer terrorism unfounded. For example, in Ozon, this problem was solved quite simply: if the buyer tries to terrify the seller, he can complain to him, and his review will be removed, and site measures will be applied to the buyer.

According to the expert, the market also carries risks due to the introduction of new functionalities. The seller has the opportunity to attract the buyer to his site, where the site does not need to pay a commission for the sale. This, according to Rakhimberdiev, will also need to be monitored.

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