It was the Chinese manufacturer that introduced the new refrigerator model the previous day. We are talking about the Mijia Side by Side 540L Ice Crystal Refrigerator. One of the notable features of the device is its six-fold glass door decorated with a layer of material that mimics the stone veneer.

The refrigerator received a large volume: 189 liters for the freezer and 351 liters for the refrigerator. It also has 20 compartments and shelves and has full LED lighting. It also has a built-in antibacterial and deodorizing module that uses silver ions.

It is reported that the innovation consumes 0.96 kW/h of energy per day and has a noise level of no more than 36 dB.

The device can be controlled both via the touch LED control panel on the top of the refrigerator and with a special mobile application.

The Mijia Side-by-Side 540L Ice Crystal Refrigerator costs around $780, making it representative of the mainstream segment.

Source: Ferra

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