Investigators at the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology Lost Breakthrough Vra The closest analogy is a game of baseball, when the ball is launched in a given direction, where it needs to be caught. Only in the usual case, rubium atoms with a diameter of only 303 picometers work as a ball.

Scientists have used it to successfully move individual atoms in this way, but sending them in a directed flight is a new phenomenon. For this, Korean physicists manipulated a laser to transmit and capture atomic vector motion, and then use the laser as fast as possible.

In the experiments, the rubidium atoms moved at speeds up to 0.6 m/s and flew an incredible distance of 4.2 micrometers, which is about 10,000 times their existing size. It was not easy to catch them at such a speed again after the distance traveled, but the scientists managed to do it. Even more interesting, during the flight, the atoms are not affected by other atoms, and this opens up the possibility of creating very complex complex atoms of the structure. Scientists believe that their achievement will help create a new generation of quantum systems. generations.

Source: Tech Cult

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