in 2022 Instagram and TikTok According to the State of Mobile 2023 research conducted by, the most downloaded applications were on iOS and Android operating systems.

This is in addition to the milestone set by the vertical video-only app, which reached over one billion monthly active users in the same year and positioned itself as the seventh most popular social networking platform. All this in less time than previous apps.

While research by Statista suggests that the average person spends around 52 minutes a day on TikTok, creators on the network They do not earn as much as on other platforms.

The brains behind this famous app aim to keep it growing, and the creators need to be on their side to make it happen. So according to portal sources Information TikTok may be pointing to a paid content strategy.

As in the well-known just fansTikTok, where creators can put a price on what they publish, would adapt its strategy to increase profitability.

That is, a creator can mark their most popular or most complex videos in a new category, forcing consumers to pay to watch.

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According to sources, the social network is also considering the possibility of renewal Creators Fundthey receive strong demands for low payouts.

Currently, to access it, you must be 18 years of age or older, have more than 10,000 followers, and have had at least 100,000 visits in the last 30 days.

Changes can also be considered in this sense, as this new payment strategy will require a much larger number of followers (up to 100,000) for TikTok. but may pay more for qualifying creators.

The fund can also reward users who produce longer videos. Recently the 10 minute limit has been increased.

For now, the effective dates of the paid content option have not been confirmed as confirmed in the statement made to Engadget, but it has been leaked that these innovations from the Creators Fund will be tested in markets such as France and France. Brazil.


Source: Exame

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