catalog Disney Plus Brazil It has many new features. Besides being able to browse successful animated movies and series, it’s still possible. watch special short filmsshowing new episodes and adventures in their daily lives.

If you like watching animation, you must know the special short films of many celebrities. Disney and Pixar. So, in this post, we’re breaking down some options that will make you want to subscribe to Disney Plus to watch. Check out:

22 Against The World

If you really liked the movie soul (2020), know that there is a special short film waiting for you in Istanbul. Disney Plus Brazil.

Even before Little 22 went on a adventure with the characters in the movie, he had an inexplicable problem with it. Planet Earthyet he refuses to visit her.

When he rebels, he has the help of 5 other spirits, but his plan doesn’t seem so secure. From then on, 22 explores more deeply where she rejects the most and how she can overcome some traumas.

Hello Albert


Another short film based on a recent movie Pixar Her Hello Albert (Also known as Ciao Alberto).

Launched in November 2021, the narrative examines the relationship between: Luke and Albert, now corresponding with letters. Alongside Massimo, Alberto tries his best at his job and seeks his mentor’s approval.

But life is not so easy, and more and more young men only get into new troubles, angering Massimo. The thing is, they both want to do the right thing and for that they will have to set some conventions aside.

Dug’s Special Mission


Somebody most charismatic characters in Above! high adventures (2009), as the name suggests, returns for a special mission.

In fact, here we see how fate introduced this friendly dog ​​Carl and Russell. Initially, Dug is sent by Alpha, Beta, and Gamma to sniff the terrain where the trio wants to hunt the celebs. Bird of Paradise Waterfall.

Despite her willingness to do her best, things don’t go as she planned, and her distractions cause her to think about belonging and adventure. In this way, your journey goes beyond performing a simple task and teaches you a valuable lesson.

fork question


One of Pixar’s most famous animated sagas Toy Storywhich started four exciting movies for the audience. And from a specific character Toy Story 4 (2019) returned to the lead role in her own story series.

In fork questionpeople can act together ten disney shorts, where Fork interacts with other toys to seek different answers to daring questions. While you may already know what these doubts are, the most interesting thing is to see how the character develops his exploration.

Maggie Simpson


great reason for Subscribe to Disney Plus being able to control their special shorts. Maggie Simpsonin the simpsonswhose adventures will surprise you.

With Playing With Fate, The Longest Day At Nursery and The Force Awakens from a NapThe Simpsons’ youngest girl will show all her wits even when she thrives in fantasy universes like The Simpsons. Star wars.

Once upon a time there was a Snowman


Also among Disney shorts the most famous snowman in animation.

At the end of the audience for twelve minutes Knowing the origin of Olafa charismatic and hopeful character, A frozen freezer adventure (2013) et al.

In this way, the plot explores the puppet’s construction in the icy mountains near Arendelle, when it comes to life and finally discovers its appreciation for summer and warm hugs.

Riley’s First Date?


to close the incoming suggestions list. disney shortsIt is necessary to talk about a story full of humor with the characters of the movie. inside out (2015).

Young Riley, now 12, leaves both her parents and her feelings with many doubts, especially when a child knocks on her door in San Francisco.

Some believe it’s going to be her first romantic date, while others think it’s okay for the girl to make new friends. The audience is really entertaining Occupies the minds of Riley’s parents and learn more about how her own emotions are dealing with their daughter’s growth.

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