According to the Ministry of Health, this will help combat the sale of expired drugs. It is noted that, despite the “delay” control, such drugs still sometimes go on sale. In 2022, 80,000 packages of expired drugs were sold – 1% of total sales.

The operation of the “Honest Mark” system includes removing expired products from sale, this applies in particular to expired dairy products, bottled drinking and mineral water, beer and some low-alcohol beverages.

And if the labeling experiment, which began in February 2023, is expanded to include drugs, it will help tackle the above problems.

“In order to prevent the sale of expired medicinal products, it seems appropriate to include medicinal products in an experiment conducted on the territory of the Russian Federation from February 1, 2023, in order to eliminate the technical possibility of the sale of certain categories of goods subject to mandatory labeling. The draft document states, “with identification tools in case it circulates illegally or has an expiration date.”

Source: Ferra

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