Built by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) for the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), every feature of the MSC Tessa container ship is impressive: deck area is almost four football fields, where 24,116 containers will be placed in stacks of 26 m at a height of 24,116 containers. Vessel dimensions (length, width) – 400 x 61.5 m, carrying capacity – over 240 thousand tons.

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The creators of the supercontainer made a delivery on efficiency – and, above all, on the innovative “air lubrication” system, which allows to reduce hull resistance and energy consumption. In addition, a technology has been discovered before the study that can reduce emissions (the container ship’s power plant runs on diesel fuel) by almost 5%.

By the end of the summer, MSC will receive three more similar container ships from CSSC, two of which have already passed sea trials. Their construction cost the customer $600 million.

MSC Tessa

Source: Tech Cult

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